Choosing Suitable Relaxation Techniques

Choosing Suitable Relaxation Techniques

The need for relaxation can be viewed as a lazy excuse to sit around and do nothing by some but the fact remains that the human body is not an automated machine and requires periods of recuperation in order to function at its highest capacity. One cannot maintain a continuous work rate without stopping to recover their strength every now and then and it is essential to ensure that one has gotten adequate rest before embarking on another energy draining endeavor.

With this in mind, relaxation offers a means of recovering one’s energy in an enjoyable manner and ensuring that their body is able to maintain a high functioning work rate when necessary. There are a number of simple methods of relaxing that can be applied by those wishing to gain some extra strength during the day. These methods are particularly easy and do not require a huge amount of commitment or resources in order to be carried out.

The search for suitable relaxation methods can be compared to that of looking for LED grow lights on pages like this one. As plants require a certain amount of light in order to grow, the human body is also suited to certain relaxation methods as compared to others depending on elements such as the amount of energy that is spent by an individual. Different individuals require different levels of relaxation and it is essential to ensure that the kinds of methods that are applied are also suitable to that person in particular. Different people are relaxed by different things and thus when one is choosing a suitable process to apply to their lifestyle, a certain level of self scrutiny is required in order to determine what method available is best suited to them.

Looking for an adequate relaxation technique will depend on a number of variables such as the character of that individual and issues such as what they enjoy doing during their free time. What an individual enjoys doing in a most cases serves as the best means of relaxation for those particular individuals but this is not always true depending on what that pastime activity entails. Finding a suitable relaxation method can be compared to a visit to  in search of good grow lights.

The method chosen will depend on what is needed and not necessarily what an individual might find attractive. A lover of sports may find that participating in a certain sporting activity serves to help them relax for example. But if this same individual already expels a lot of energy in their daily routine then it would not be wise to add a sporting activity in the middle of their work schedule as a relaxation solution as that would just leave them feeling more tired than they were before.

It should be noted that there are two types of relaxation. The relaxation of an individual’s mind which holds a more psychological effect than a physical one and the relaxation of one’s body which involves gaining needed rest when the opportunity arises. Some of the more popular methods of relaxing includes simple activities such as watching TV and listening to music while other more advanced techniques such as yoga has been introduced to the public in recent times.

Nice Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Nice Healthy Breakfast Recipes

I’ve seen many people skip their breakfast to curb the calories and lose weight fast or just due to lack of time. Unfortunately skipping meals particularly breakfast makes it more difficult to control your weight gain. Eating sparsely or not at all in the morning will force you to eat more during lunch or binge on snacks to stop your hunger. Breakfast is also the first meal of the day that helps you get along through the best part of your day. So taking a hearty breakfast is the right way to kick-start your day. Here are some excellent and mouth-watering recipes to make your breakfast appetizing and fulfilling.

Egg and Avocado toast

Simple meals are the best always. Hence, I’ve started with this recipe. Take two whole grain bread slices and toast them lightly. Top a slice with avocado smashed nicely. Sprinkle some pepper and salt on the avocado. Top the avocado with two halves of eggs with their sunny side pointed up. Stack the bread in an airtight container or turn it into a sandwich by boiling the eggs well.

Banana Peanut butter Smoothie

Smoothies form a power packed and fun filled meal that can be taken at any time in a day. They are rich in fibre, nutrients, fruits, vegetables and antioxidants. Take a frozen banana and blend it with peanut butter of about 2 tablespoons. Add some ice cubes and one cup of almond milk and blend well. If you are using the smoothie as morning snack, store it in an airtight container and take it with you to work or the gym. If you are making a smoothie for lunch, prepare it the previous night and freeze it. Remove the smoothie and by lunchtime, it will be ready to eat. For added protein boost, use vanilla or chocolate protein.

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Positive Benefits of Traveling

Positive Benefits of Traveling

I’d recently been on a weeklong trip with my family. It was both refreshing and relaxing as we had spent a wonderful time together and being far away from the busy and stress-filled routine of daily work helped us to chill out and savour every minute. It was like detox for our mind and body. Even if you live in a beautiful city or town, lead an active social, and work life, nothing can compare to the unique experience that traveling presents.

When you visit a new place or foreign country, you get to see an entirely new way of living. You’ll return back appreciative of their way of living and widen your knowledge about life and its purpose. Since we all have only one life passing up the chance to travel and see new places is like forgoing the pleasure of getting a life changing experience. If you are still not convinced of the need for travel, here are some benefits you’ll surely assent to.

Discover yourself

One of the best reasons is travel helps you to discover plenty of things about yourself. The best places to travel are not those, which are teeming with tourists but the places, which are rich with cultural heritage, and help you acquaint yourself with nature. Backpacking trips worldwide are good places to start with. Exploring the pyramids in Egypt or Colosseum present in Rome gives you an entirely new perspective.

You will find that you are no longer worried about the minor irritations and start embracing life, as you should. When you get away from your comfort zone and venture into the unknown, it will help you realize how truly adaptive you are. You learn to fend for yourself, if you travel alone or manage to cooperate with others, if you travel in groups.  Any way you look at it, travel speeds up your development largely.

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Best Chilling Techniques to Start Your Morning

Best Chilling Techniques to Start Your Morning

Monday morning as I drive to work, I can see people rushing with tense faces. Threatening deadlines, pending workload and missed work can increase stress and have a negative impact on health. Whenever I come across a colleague who is stressed I just tell him to relax. Firstly, everyone deserves to relax, and it takes very less time. When you relax, it gives you great benefits. Yes, to chill out, you need not resort to any long drawn out methods or spend a week in a tropical island. Trust me it takes only a few minutes to make yourselves relax, and be your true self. Here are some ways by which you can do this.


You can practice mediation for a few minutes daily. It reduces anxiety largely. Studies on the effect of meditation on human brain reveal that it can alter the neural pathways of brain making you resilient to stressful situations. What you need to do is very simple.

Sit straight and keep both feet touching the ground. With eyes closed, focus your mind on positive thoughts. It can be anything such as ‘I’m peaceful’ or ‘I’m strong and healthy’. You can do it silently or recite the words loudly. Synchronize the words with your breathing. Allow distracting thoughts to drift away like clouds.

Deep breathing

Yes, breathing helps in keeping out stress. It is common practice to take a deep breath and count until ten, whenever you are too angry or stressed out about something. It helps you to calm down and take the right perspective of a situation. Similarly, a five-minute breathing session can get you to relax effectively. Sit straight and with eyes closed keep a hand on your stomach. Inhale slowly through the nose. Feel the breath travel from your abdomen and move to your head. Now reverse the technique and exhale through mouth.

Deep breathing lowers heart rate and the blood pressure. So it keeps you from being affected by stress.

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Easy DIY Lighting

Easy DIY Lighting

One of the biggest obstacles keeping people from relaxing and de-stressing properly is a lack of free time. This can be caused by a number of things, like having too many jobs that eat into all of your hours. These can be the kind you get paid for, like employment, or just things you have to do around the house, like building a new room or going through with some other project meant to improve the place. While most people need to work to live, there’s no reason some jobs can’t be made easier, freeing up extra time that would otherwise be spent doing unnecessary work.

The best and easiest DIY lighting involves running no wires, drilling no holes and planting no screws. I’m talking about LED light bars, like the sort you can see at if you’ve never seen one before. But then I highly doubt that last part – LEDs are increasingly popular all across the world as a portable, efficient and cost-effective method of brightening up dark spaces. Besides that, they’re working their into computer monitors, televisions and other devices with lights built into screens, like smart phones and tablets. LEDs were pretty much made to be mobile, which is why they fill this niche.

This niche, of course, is easy DIY lighting that takes no special education, training or spending to install and use. You don’t have to go to school to figure out how to stick a light bar up against a wall, and that doesn’t really require any special training either. You don’t have to pay anyone to come do it for you and make sure it’s done right, which means in the majority of cases you won’t have to pay for permits with your local housing authority when you want to add more lights to your home.

It’s that mobility and ease of use which has made LEDs so popular today. It doesn’t matter whether you’re putting up little bars all over a room, or putting massive 30 inch bars onto an indoor growing operation, or using LEDs of all different colors to create a kind of strobe effect – they all install and work the same, more or less. That same mobility and ease of use also makes LED bars a great way to light up a new space in your home quickly, saving you time and frustration on top of the permits, contracting and other costs, with all the money they consume.

If you don’t believe it, then you need to see these things for yourself, with your own eyes. That will help bring you around. Just check out Light Bar Report like mentioned earlier and you’ll get to see all kinds of different models and manufacturers of LED light bars, as well as reviews for various LED products like bars, blinkers, and wall and ceiling setups. The point here is that LEDs can get the job done while saving you hours of work or even days of waiting for a scheduled contractor to come and do the job of installing lights for you. This makes them very chill.

Home Repair tools handy for DIY work

Home Repair tools handy for DIY work

Buying a home may be one of the biggest expense for many, but it is just the initial step in a long span of routine maintenance, remodeling and repair, which take up a chunk of a homeowner’s income. While the cost of remodeling materials is nominal, the major expense goes towards the labor charges.

In fact, a study on home repairs reveals that nine out of 10 cases had labor rates as the expensive factor. But you need not become stressed out on contemplating the remodeling or repair jobs you have lined up for your home. With some basic home repair equipment it is possible to take care of a majority of repairs and remodeling a home needs.  Knowing the right tools to use for various situations will be of great help in the long term. And you should know how to safely handle the tools. Here is a list of repair equipment to help you choose your work tools.


The important rule in DIY repair is you should not compromise on the quality of the tools. Since you are going to handle the repairs, it is safer to use quality tools that will last for longer time. For instance, a superior quality saw will be a handy tool assisting in many repairs in and around the house. Knowing proper maintenance of the tools is also another advantage. Quality tools can be easily identified by the way it is machined. The parts will look shiny and smooth and the entire tool will be properly balanced. You can hold the tool comfortably.

An inferior quality tool will have defects on the surface or have rough metal mostly hidden with paint and the machining would be crude. Cheap and low quality tools can break easily and cause more damage to you and your property.

Although high quality tools are about 25 percent expensive than the cheaper tools you should buy quality ones as opting for the cheap ones will  only make you spend more on the replacements.  Further, the money you save by doing the work yourself will pay for the tools, which you can keep using for a long, long time.


For making holes, drills are needed. You can use an electricity-powered drill for finishing the work fast or do it manually which may need some really hard work.


A good saw, such as one at JasonSawReviews, help in cutting metal, plastic wood and many other things in an efficient way.

Hand tools

These are used for doing the common repair works such as hammering, fastening or prying.

Electrical tools

For electricity to flow properly, you need to make a clean path for the current. The electrical tools help in ensuring proper current supply to your home

Plumbing tools

While the tools you already possess can be used for the common plumbing repairs, some faults may need specialized tools.

Painting tools

Good quality paint and right tools are important to do a thorough painting job.

Fasteners are needed when you need to hold objects together. Abrasives are needed for smoothing, shaving and sanding wood furniture, walls etc.

6 life lessons I've learned from Jiu-Jitsu

6 life lessons I’ve learned from Jiu-Jitsu

I’m always trying to find life lessons in the surrounding things. No matter what we do, every action in life can teach us something. From mistakes, we learn not to repeat them, and victories we put into the category of positive experiences, which should be repeated and improved. Some situations in life are inherently educational. Sometimes, however, we have to read between the lines. One of those things that carry a clear and visible lesson about life is Jiu-Jitsu. Here’s what lessons you can learn from this martial art.

  1. Losses are part of life. But you know that only if you fight and cope with your problems. Losses are part of everyone’s life. They are not always a bad thing. People learn best from their own mistakes. You can choose two paths – to sit back and complain, or try to fight for the victory. To win, you need to know how to skip mistakes. The experience can be very helpful in that.
  2. Nobody is invincible. Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that does not require only physical strength. Mental readiness and mastered combat techniques are essential. At the right time, with the right moves, even the strongest opponents can be beaten by the weakest parties. You must know to wait your 5 minutes.
  3. Patience is the key to success. As I said, the biggest obstacle can be overcome with the right move at the right time. This can be applied to all life situations. Sometimes, to wait for that moment, we need a lot of patience. Success rarely comes overnight. This is usually a luck. If we rely only on the luck, then we will be quickly discouraged. Hard work and patience always bring success!
  4. You can always be better. No one is invincible and nobody is perfect, not even you. Through hard training, you can always be better. You can learn the basic techniques of catching and throwing the grappling dummies like these. However, for further progress, the fight with a man is the best thing, because humans and their reactions are hardly predictable.
  5. It’s never too late to learn new things. It is best to learn Jiu-Jitsu from an early age. Then it becomes a lifestyle. However, the techniques of Jiu-Jitsu can be managed and when you are older. They can be applied for a long time, only if you have enough will and persistence.
  6. The commitment is the way to the goal. To be devoted to something, it is necessary to make a decision and have a goal. It is easier to accomplish something when you have a goal, but when you wander without purpose. Every fight is a good example of that. Your goal is to overcome the opponent. When you observe its fighting style, you’ll find its weak points. You need to make a decision at what moment you will take the initiative and win the fight. Jiu-Jitsu is the training of decision-making.

All these things can all be used in combat. You do not have to be especially insightful to realize that they can also be applied in all aspects of life – from relationships with people to making business decisions. Jiu-Jitsu can give you valuable life lessons and make you a better man.

Rocky 10 and Stress

Unless you’re a hippy living on a farm, producing and eating your own food, trading some of your harvest for other services, never watching TV or listening to the news, then you are suffering from stress. It might be light, it might be severe. Have you ever read about these top executives that are being paid humungous salaries which are more monthly than you make total in 2 years? I bet you say, “I wish I could have a job that paid so well.” Believe me, unless you’re that type of person emotionally and mentally, you DO NOT want that job.

Why does a person make such a massive income? Because they are on call 24/7, their life is not their own, they have the future and profits of a big company in their hands, the shareholders exerting pressure and their staff trying to take their job. That’s why they get paid the big bucks. Mind you, I am still a little puzzled about why an executive who leads a company to big financial losses based on poor performance and then still manages to get paid, not only the exorbitant salary but a bonus as well! Go figure.

We lesser mortals have enough stress just commuting to work each day, looking after the family finances, raising our kids and giving them an education and keeping our partners and families and colleagues and neighbours all happy! Whew! We have the constant pounding of media in our heads from newspapers, TV and radios, then not satisfied with that we have our smartphones and iPads doing the same thing. No wonder we need a holiday every year and no wonder we need to exercise more.

Physical activity is one of the cheapest and more enjoyable ways to de-stress on a daily basis. And you don’t need a king’s ransom to buy a few pieces of equipment to install at home so that your exercise routine doesn’t mean pounding the streets in the middle of the night while you jog the stress out of your body. A set of weights, a treadmill, a jump rope and even a mini trampoline are all cheap and require no installation. For me, a hard day at the office sometimes means I ould love to punch the hell out of a bag. So I checked out a website that showed me the best punching bag to buy. They had one which was in the image of a person. Oh yeah!

When you have a bag to hit the first few biffs are from frustration but no reaction from the bag usually calms you down. Yes, just kidding. On a wild night of exercise, I can plug in the Rocky Balboa DVD, play the Rocky Theme song at full blast through my earphones and belt the hell out of the bag until I am a sweaty mess on the floor. Panting from the exertion, aching upper arms and wrists, I am as happy as a bird. Well, the fact is, I am usually too exhausted to feel any stress.

Rocky 10 and Stress

Some thoughts on creating a health garden to chill in

Some thoughts on creating a health garden to chill inTwo earlier posts reminded us of this. One of the posts spoke about tips and tricks on carrying out low-maintenance jobs easily on your own at home without having to rely on expensive professionals. The other post spoke gleefully about the most important meal of the day and listed a number of sumptuous ideas to chew on.

The idea we have in mind today is to reflect on creating a health garden, not just any old garden, a health garden to chill in. To the uninitiated, we’d like to tell them that this will be no ordinary garden. In fact, if you get as far as we’re going with this idea, this beautiful peace garden will have your personality painted all over it.

This peace garden has your name all over it

And never mind that you are only living in an apartment complex, modern and expensive, derelict, unkempt or bohemian. There is always space for building the tiniest of gardens just so long as you have the heartfelt desire and the right tools to do this. All you would need really are a couple of sawdust boxes, planks of coarse wood, glue, the traditional old saw and any one of the nailing guns that Framing Nailer Pro are discussing.

Of course, if you have a good space in your back yard, so much the better. Now, this health garden, as suggested earlier, should resonate directly with you. For instance, it would make no sense planting floral beds that have little or no appeal to you. Also, many of you don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to dedicate many devotional hours to tending and caring for your garden. More power to you if you are able to plant hardy specimens that can pretty much take care of themselves and are also environmentally sustainable to boot.

Low-maintenance veggies and herbs to chill you

We can explain this to you briefly. Basically, these strong-willed plants won’t need much water to flourish at any time of the year, nor do they need to absorb too many nutrients from the soil. Speaking of environmental sustainability, did you know that organic vegetable gardens are well and truly the in thing these days? And like we mentioned earlier, you don’t need acres of space to get started with low-maintenance veggies and herbs.

Here, you could utilize the sunny space on your kitchen window sill by planting beans in small pots. And pardon our playful turn of phrase here; you’ll be creating a really chilling ambience by planting your own chili tree which incidentally as a natural aphrodisiac, loaded with vitamin C, will help you to chill in more ways than one. Balcony space can be used to plant potatoes, tomatoes and other greens.

Have we said too much already? The space here is just not large enough to fill you in with more thoughts on how to create your own health garden to chill in. But by now, we’ve inspired you to at least give it some thought yourself.

Before or after the New Year, here are some ideas to help you chill

Before or after the New Year, here are some ideas to help you chillCoffee or tea with toast, with or without the newspaper, remains one of our favorite rituals for starting each day. And ‘chill’ remains our favorite command for the day. These days, we don’t need to remind ourselves but it remains our duty to tell stressed-out and overworked guys and girls to relax, take a deep breath and smell the coffee already. For many, this may not be so easy at this time of the year. Because even though they’ll be off for their annual holidays, they’ll still be stressing unnecessarily and unnaturally.

No bumpy rides here

Chill, brothers and sisters. For this time of the year, here’s how we’d like you to spend your end of year holidays. We’re focusing on those critical weeks before and after the New Year’s festivities. It might be a new experience for some of you and it could well be a bit of a joy ride, so, at this point, could we suggest that you select a helmet from and put it on before we go any further? Don’t worry, the ride won’t be bumpy.

Did you forget that our mission here is to help you relax, not go berserk? So relax, chill, and read on. While on the subject of hectic things requiring you to wear a helmet, we’d like to recommend that you take up motorcycling. If you go through this website and its reviews, you will see that it will be a while before you’re well and truly ready to go. There’s lots of prepping and practice involved. But for the meantime, you can hire a scooter instead, pack a picnic basket and go for a quiet ride out of town, stop off somewhere and enjoy tranquility and peace of mind away from the holiday buzz.

Warm, but still chilled inside

So, it’s cold, raining or snowing where you are? Not to worry, there are other things to keep you warm, but still chilled, inside. Forget about standing in long queues to see the latest holiday releases. Do you honestly want to hear mutton heads munching popcorn and selfish kids buzzing with their mobiles while you’re trying to enjoy the show? So, here’s what you do instead then. Go down to your local video store or simply stream some great movies that you were missing the whole year.

We’re outdoorsy folks, so you won’t mind us closing this post with one or two more outdoorsy ideas on how to help you chill during this busy time of the year. We’ve said it before, but we’d like to remind you again. Being part of nature is an awesome stress-buster. Head off to your nearest sports goods store, buy yourself a comfortable pair of walking shoes and get walking before or after the News Year’s festivities.

Reflect on the country life

Finally, instead of going mad with Christmas shopping, leave town, take a drive out into the country and visit the stores in the local towns you stop by. And on your way back home, take a moment to reflect how much these country folks always seem to be so relaxed. Have a happy and stress free holiday.

Home Repair Jobs You Can Do on Your Own

Home repairs tend to be a costly affair forcing even the most reluctant DIYers to take up repairs on their own. While buying a home is naturally a very expensive thing, in fact, the most expensive purchase an individual makes in his or her lifetime, it goes without saying that you need to maintain your home with care. When the slightest problem crops up the first thought you get is to use a professional, but you will be surprised at how many of the repairs around the home can be done by yourself without much expense.

There are several home repairs, which can be performed without any prior experience. But before you plunge into doing a repair on your own, make sure you understand what you are dealing with. This is especially true in case of electrical repairs, which are very dangerous.

And owning a tool kit is another important necessity you should think of, if you are going to consider attending to the repairs on your own. A good quality sander for instance, is a handy tool that takes care of all the finishing work on the wood works in your home.

Here are some tips on doing the common repairs at home so you can see to them on your own effectively.

Broken lever in Toilet

This is quite an easy job. If you find that the toilet doesn’t flush, the first thing to do is open the tank and attach the loosened chain. But if you find that the handle is corroded or pieces such as metal rod, nut or handle are damaged, you need to replace these parts, which can be done inexpensively. You need an adjustable wrench, which is by the way handy in any kind of plumbing job.  You will need a lever replacement kit, if it is broken.

Unclogging toilet drain

This is another frequently faced problem in households. Before you get down and try repairing the clog, you should first use a plunger. Make sure you use the right toilet plunger.  If the water level is low, pour sufficient amount, so the plunger head is submerged fully.

Give up to 8 to 10 thrusts downward. Minor clogs will clear off with this, but if it does not you should think of using an auger. Having the right tools makes most of the repair jobs around the house easy. A cutting saw, belt sander tool from BeltSanderWorld are handy tools to have when you want to indulge in some serious DIY work in your home.

Toilet augers are a bit expensive than plungers. However, they are best for tough clogs. Plunge the augur until it meets with the clog and turn the crank. If you can catch hold of the clog, you can easily pull it out.

Leaky pipe in bathroom or kitchen

This can be due to a loose or damaged compression nut or the washer being worn out. To fix this fault you should first shut off the water valve that cuts off the supply to the pipe you are dealing with. This may take some time, if the valve is not nearby. Once the water stops, unscrew the compression nut and rinse the P trap or curved pipe and replace the washer or P-trap, if needed and replace the screw and turn on the water.

Great Apps for Chilling Out And Reducing Stress

Great Apps for Chilling Out And Reducing Stress

Stress is the biggest problem for most people. Reasons why we are stressed are different, but the most common are linked to job, money and lack of satisfaction. Trying to have a life without stress isn’t possible, we all know this and we all tried it. I even tried several times to eliminate all causes of stress and I failed. So, what we can do? Well, there are many techniques for stress relief, but thanks to the technology, there is another way.

Smartphones can help us in this case. There are several apps that were developed to help us with stress relief. Due to the fact when you play music, you are more relaxed, most of these apps include audio effects and music. However, some of them go one step further.


This app teaches you how to perform a diaphragmatic breathing. According to a research, this type of breathing reduces stress and can relax you. It is so successful that some people compare it with yoga and meditation. The app guides you through diaphragmatic breathing and gives you the ability to track your stress levels. The best part, it is completely free and available for iOS and Android.

White Noise Lite

When you have a relaxing swim in the nature, you listen to the sounds that make you relaxed. This app gives you the ability to listen relaxing sounds such as frogs, raining shower and etc. Free version has 40 different sounds.  The premium version costs $1.99 and it is ad-free. The White Noise Lite is available for Android and iOS.


Calm is a bit more advanced than the previous app. It offers sounds and relaxing photos, like waves and beaches. You can choose the length of each session (2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes). The free version is available for Android and iOS. However, you can choose the premium version ($4-$10 per year). It allows you to have longer sessions. The app is also available for web browsers. It includes high quality photos. I believe that this app is very effective in reducing stress.

Simply Being

Simply Being is available for Android and iOS as well, but it isn’t free. It will cost you $1.99. It was developed for people who like meditation and yoga. If you are a beginner with meditation, this app may be the best choice for you. You get the ability to listen the relaxing music, have guidance (vocal) that is very good and create your time frames.

Memoires: the Diary

This is the basic app that works like a modern diary. It is simple but very effective, according to therapists. The main goal of the app is to help you keep track of your stress levels and clear your mind. You can record audio files, write and add text to photos you choose. You can share these files via social media. If you are worried that someone can read your diary, you are wrong. The app has a great protection (I tried to crack it and I failed) that can protect your data even from hackers. The best part, this app is free and available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Weightlifting requires much more than physical strength

Did you realize that in your life is too little activity, and decide to go the gym? That is great – for your health, your good look, and your confidence. For this, you just need a little physical strength. This is a misconception. When you enter the gym, you realize that maybe you do not really know what to do and from where you should start. The truth is that there is not a universal rule, not even the same set of exercises for everybody. So, the first thing that you need when you come to the gym is a good personal trainer who will make a set of exercises suited to your condition and your intentions.

Weightlifting requires much more than physical strengthWhat you surely know is that you need to warm up before a workout. Start with static exercises – moving the joints and stretching. Then you can start with exercises that will improve your circulation and warm up your muscles, such as running or riding a bike. Only warmed muscles, well supplied with the blood, are ready for the efforts with weights. Do not skip this, if you want to avoid injuries.

Warming up is the part that is probably clear to every layman. But what after that? Where to start? Should you go to sit-ups or immediately pass on those challenging power racks?  How to use these devices at all? Sure, you can try it yourself, but if you’re a beginner, better accept the advice of personal trainers who will teach you how to lift weights properly and which muscles need to activate each lifting.

I know – it can be very embarrassing when, as a beginner, you walk into the gym full of sweaty and muscular bodies. You feel like everyone is watching you. I know those people who, because of that feeling, avoid the gym in a wide circle. However, it should be borne in mind that these boulders were once beginners like you, and they know very well how much effort they put into their bodies. No one is born learned. If a shared space in the gym bothers you, make a gym in your garage. Everything you need can be found here:

Weightlifting requires much more than physical strengthGoing to the gym does not mean you should turn off the brain and use a brute strength for weightlifting. It’s not just a physical process. First, you need to learn how to breathe properly. In this way, you will be able to do much more, and burden the lungs and heart less. Secondly, you should engage the right muscles no matter what exercise you’re doing. Think about what your muscles are working when you are doing an exercise, try to feel them and move them properly.

Weightlifting is definitely much more than physical strength. First, you need to overcome discomfort, then you can go in mastering the basic exercises and proper breathing. Only after that, you can work on a number of repetitions, the speed and the growth of your muscles.

Weekday coffee, then something extreme over weekends

It’s not called blue Mondays for nothing, but the night before their weekend finally comes to an end, most folks already start to dread this day. It’s inexplicable how so many people have still not been able to prepare themselves well for the first and most important day of their working week. Thankfully, while the habits have not yet been perfected, the morning ritual of coffee and a newspaper at a favorite nearby coffee shop (instead of standing in long queues at a Starbucks take-out) is a great way to kick-start the day.

Get out of the house on weekends

Weekday coffee, then something extreme over weekends

And so it goes for the rest of the week. But by the time the ecstatic feelings of leaving the office on Friday nights have dissipated, questions of ‘what now’ enter many people’s minds. Fair to say, many folks, particularly those with children, now have domestic responsibilities to catch up with. Before you know it, more stress and anxiety puts a damper on what should have been an exhilarating weekend. There’s a reason why weeks have been scheduled this way for centuries in most parts of the world.

It’s not entirely inappropriate to recall the Biblical allusion, but whether you are religious or not, makes no difference. Sundays are set aside as a day of rest. This does not mean that you should transform yourself into a couch potato and pad your TV remote like a zombie for the rest of the day. Get out of the house. Take the kids with, if you have them. But ‘what to do’ becomes another question for nervous people with just hours to go before the weekend comes to a close.

Do something extreme over the weekend

Simply put, there are just too many things to mention in one post. Most of the activities well worth discussing either stimulate the mind or give the body a new lease of life or both. Ultimately, they are mentally and physically good for you. Before we leave you with just a small cap of suggestions, we’d like to remind you to follow up on one of our earlier posts on how to de-stress. Now, instead of surrounding yourself with all your favorite weekend papers only to stress about the bad news and poor performing share options, retreat to your favorite chair or head out to your nearest park and bundle a heavy tome under your arm.

Your body needs something to do as well. Consider these extreme adventures for a change instead of giving up for the day. Get yourself a long-board or mountain bike and head for the hills. Setting aside these extreme toys, you can also just start climbing with a good pair of hiking boots. Let Long Board Mafia tell you more on how you can saddle up for unforgettable (in more ways than one) weekends.

Good planning and proper motivational techniques can also be acquired to help you prepare yourself well for the next harrowing week at work. Let it begin well with a good cup and some good news.