About Coffee, Tea, Toast

meHi, my name is Josh, thanks for visiting my website! Have you ever felt a sense of frustration, lost sleep for countless hours, or felt engulfed by worries and fear on what is going to happen next? If so what you need is some chill out time at coffee tea toast. Welcome to my blog Coffee-tea-toast. While it is natural to be frustrated or worried over situations, the reality is that most of the time matters end up being all right.

The ‘what if’ situations may make it perfectly rational for us to get into a frenzy,  even if deep down we do understand that things will work out well in the end. This pessimistic and negative attitude takes out all the fun from our life. Stress, anxiety and worry can be resolved, when we learn the art of chilling out.

Think back on the last time you really relaxed. Stress is part of our life whether we work in a nine to five job or from home. If it is your employer putting pressure on at office, for a work at home person it is his drive to succeed that makes him work up stress. The best prescription for stress is to chill out.

To chill out you actually need to practice the skill consistently. Total relaxation and just being yourself actually does wonders to your attitude and life as such. Negativity has the power to destroy your tranquillity and peace of mind permanently. When you chill out you are not only doing good to your body and mind, but also gearing up to be more productive.  Chilling out means you complain, fear, fret, judge and resist less and affirm, laugh, dream and love more.

This blog introduces all things you need to know about a chilling lifestyle.  You will find info regarding chilling techniques, travelling, gadgets, sports and all other things that definitely help in making your life easier and fun to live.