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 Denby Pottery

Clay was discovered at Denby in the early 1800s and pottery has been made on site since 1809, when the pottery was established by the Bourne family. Anyone who owns Denby Pottery will tell you how versatile it is and how good it feels. Every piece has been designed for cooking, serving and eating food, from the gravy rim on the plates to the space on the saucers for biscuits. Denby's tableware is made for real food, not just for show. It's for sharing, for fingers, for chopsticks, for barbeques, for kitchens - you choose. Denby pottery is exceptionally versatile and durable, and safe for use in the dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer, giving years of continual use.Denby

Denby Pottery - Imperial Blue

Denby's Imperial Blue is one of our most popular ranges, with vibrant blues and crisp whites making the perfect combination. A modern classic, both bold and confident, if you want to make a statement then Imperial Blue is the tableware for you.
Denby Pottery - Imperial Blue
Denby Pottery - White

Pure and simple. See your table in a new light with the cool, modern look of White by Denby. Clean silhouettes and soft, fine textures provide the perfect backdrop and create a refreshing minimal look within your home.
Denby Pottery - White
Denby Pottery - Azure

Denby Azure captures the spirit of summer with its cool aquamarine hues. Bright and breezy, let it fill your home with a light and relaxed mediterranean feel. The range also contains Azure Coast, with its distinctive wave pattern.
Denby Pottery - Azure
Denby Pottery - Greenwich

Timeless design with its intense sea green glaze and rich texture, Greenwich will bring style to any occasion. The elegant fluid shapes make a classic statement. With a personality as strong and bold as its rich sea green colour, Denby Greenwich will always be the centre of attention.
Denby Pottery - Greenwich
Denby Pottery - China

China by Denby couples simple, contemporary styling with discerning details which make whatever you serve look stunning. This is China for modern living that dares to be different!
Denby Pottery - China