Aquarium fish selection

Aquarium fish selection

Stress relief can be achieved in different ways. Not all methods work well for everyone. Choosing a method that you are comfortable with will help you be free of stress more effectively and quickly too. Watching fish in an aquarium is one fine way to reduce your work induced and other forms of stress.

Further, it offers various other health benefits too. Studies on this subject reveal that aquariums have the ability to reduce blood pressure, relax mind, and get rid of anxiety. No wonder, aquariums are kept in restaurants, spas, childcare centers, and doctors’ waiting rooms.

The fish keep us hooked to their movements for a long time and hypnotize us into a relaxed state. The effect of aquariums can be further enhanced by setting them up in such a way that you have running water sounds. This produces a relaxing effect.

Aquariums can be kept at homes too. Wherever they are, they need to be maintained properly. A CANISTERFILTER is a definite addition to have, especially if your aquarium is a large one.

Aquariums offer various benefits such as helping people suffering from insomnia, high blood pressure, tension, anxiety, stress and psychological problems. People with chronic illness, children with colic or separation anxiety also find the fish quite soothing and relaxing.

Choosing the fish

One of the most crucial parts of an aquarium set up is picking out the right type of fish. With more than 2000 fish species available, finding the right fish can be a challenging one. Each fish has some unique characteristic, even if all the fish belong to one single family. So some individual research may be needed to get the right species. Here are some important types of fish you should know about.


CatfishThis fish type can be identified easily as there are no scales on them. Instead you can find thick armor like skin. Mostly catfish are added to aquarium for their scavenger characteristic. But some species may have a different eating habit. The main thing to note is finding the right catfish for your tank.  For community tanks, the smaller varieties are used, while the larger piranha types are best suited for experts in the aquarium field. With a large tank, a complete filtration by an efficient fish tank filter is necessary to keep the fish healthy and vibrant.


This type of fish is found in Asia, Africa and topical Americas. These are popular for their bright hues and diverse habitat. But since these are aggressive and guard their young ones safely, adding them to other species is not advisable. But species such as angelfish do manage well with the Cichlids.


These include goldfish, loaches, rasboras, sharks, danios, barbs and koi. You can find both cold water and tropical types. These are sociable and great for community tanks.

Labryinth fish

This type includes combtails, fighting fish, gouramis and paradise fish. The fish are hardy, tiny and peaceful, hence are right form community aquariums.

Rainbow fish

This type has an iridescent nature enabling the fish to change colors, when they pass under light.

When you choose the right type of fish for your tank and see to the maintenance properly, you will have healthy and appealing aquarium that brings joy to everyone looking at it.