Before or after the New Year, here are some ideas to help you chill

Before or after the New Year, here are some ideas to help you chillCoffee or tea with toast, with or without the newspaper, remains one of our favorite rituals for starting each day. And ‘chill’ remains our favorite command for the day. These days, we don’t need to remind ourselves but it remains our duty to tell stressed-out and overworked guys and girls to relax, take a deep breath and smell the coffee already. For many, this may not be so easy at this time of the year. Because even though they’ll be off for their annual holidays, they’ll still be stressing unnecessarily and unnaturally.

No bumpy rides here

Chill, brothers and sisters. For this time of the year, here’s how we’d like you to spend your end of year holidays. We’re focusing on those critical weeks before and after the New Year’s festivities. It might be a new experience for some of you and it could well be a bit of a joy ride, so, at this point, could we suggest that you select a helmet from and put it on before we go any further? Don’t worry, the ride won’t be bumpy.

Did you forget that our mission here is to help you relax, not go berserk? So relax, chill, and read on. While on the subject of hectic things requiring you to wear a helmet, we’d like to recommend that you take up motorcycling. If you go through this website and its reviews, you will see that it will be a while before you’re well and truly ready to go. There’s lots of prepping and practice involved. But for the meantime, you can hire a scooter instead, pack a picnic basket and go for a quiet ride out of town, stop off somewhere and enjoy tranquility and peace of mind away from the holiday buzz.

Warm, but still chilled inside

So, it’s cold, raining or snowing where you are? Not to worry, there are other things to keep you warm, but still chilled, inside. Forget about standing in long queues to see the latest holiday releases. Do you honestly want to hear mutton heads munching popcorn and selfish kids buzzing with their mobiles while you’re trying to enjoy the show? So, here’s what you do instead then. Go down to your local video store or simply stream some great movies that you were missing the whole year.

We’re outdoorsy folks, so you won’t mind us closing this post with one or two more outdoorsy ideas on how to help you chill during this busy time of the year. We’ve said it before, but we’d like to remind you again. Being part of nature is an awesome stress-buster. Head off to your nearest sports goods store, buy yourself a comfortable pair of walking shoes and get walking before or after the News Year’s festivities.

Reflect on the country life

Finally, instead of going mad with Christmas shopping, leave town, take a drive out into the country and visit the stores in the local towns you stop by. And on your way back home, take a moment to reflect how much these country folks always seem to be so relaxed. Have a happy and stress free holiday.