Best Alcoholic Drinks for the Fall

The leaves have started to fall, the weather is turning cold, and you’ve just broken out your coats and hats… It’s Autumn! And with autumn comes a slew of wonderful food and drink. I want to share a few of the best drinks for your fall. Enjoy these with friends, or while relaxing on the porch by yourself.


If your only experience with whiskey is in a cocktail, it’s time to take another look at your drinking habits. Whiskey cocktails and great and I enjoy one every once in a while, but whiskey was made to be drunk by itself. There is nothing quite like the buzz of sitting by yourself, reading or having a cigar, with a cup of good scotch by your side. Scotch has a smoky flavor that really compliments a cigar or a pipe. It tastes a bit like a campfire smells, if you can imagine. If you’ve never had a scotch before, I recommend Johnny Walker Black. It’s smooth and easy for the beginner to try.

Oktoberfest Ale

I’ve talked about Oktoberfest ale before, but it warrants its own article. Oktoberfest or Marzan ale is a once-a-year brew. There are fairly strict legal definitions of what can be label “oktoberfest.” It has to be brewed in March and stored until the month of October. Make sure you get there quickly, because stores sell a LOT every year. Their inventory moves almost as fast as the inventory for!


Bourbon is the drink of the American South. It is whiskey made of corn and other grains, and can ONLY be made in the US. The restrictions on what is considered bourbon are as strict as the regulations on scotch whiskey. It has so much alcohol that it can be used to numb pain! Doctors used to use it instead of anesthesia, before modern surgical techniques were invented. And to all the ladies, if it’s your time of the month, you can numb the pain a bit with a nip of bourbon. Top Ladies’ Secret can also help you out there. Bourbon is good for almost any occasion; you can make Jack and Coke, it works wonderfully in Old Fashioned cocktails (I think it’s better than rye!) or you can just drink it right out of the bottle. Choose your poison!

The Manhattan

This cocktail was made famous by the tv show Mad Men. It’s a simple mix of 2 oz whiskey, 1 oz sweet vermouth and 3 dashes of bitters. It’s basically a martini with whiskey instead of gin or vodka. It has a certain cinnamon spiciness about it that is perfect for fall drinkers. It’s one of my favorite cocktails any time of year, but there is just something special about a Manhattan in the fall. No matter what your drink of choice is, enjoy it this year with family and friends. Grab a drink, tell some stories, and make SURE that you have a great time.