Chill Out and Play Music

Chill Out and Play Music

Leading a chill-out lifestyle doesn’t mean doing nothing. On the contrary, in order to truly enjoy living you need to be healthy and occupied, for being idle can be as stressful as being overworked. However, not every activity is “good for the soul”, so you should choose your hobbies carefully.

Playing a musical instrument definitely is one of the greatest pastimes that is not only relaxing but beneficial to your general well being as well. Some researchers even claim that taking up this hobby can improve your health and help with the treatment of some disorders.

The effect of music on your psyche is so profound that it has been used in therapy for decades. Listening to melodies and actually playing an instrument is different in regards to the “healing” effects of this art, so if you want to reap all the benefits music can offer, get yourself a nice trumpet or a cool guitar and start learning how to produce captivating melodies of your own.

Some of the great benefits you will be able to reap this way are:

  • Improved memory.
    Playing an instrument is a highly stimulating exercise for the brain. At the moment, scientists of different countries conduct research aimed to determine the extent of the influence that this activity has on the human brain and learn how to use it for treating the conditions that affect human mind and memory in particular. It appears that the impact of music is so strong that regular lessons can literally change the shape of your brain. The earlier kids start playing, the better their memory would be by the time they go to school. When your children finally get to class, playing will provide them with an outlet for stress.
  • Good organizational and time management skills.
    We all know that organizational is imperative in life if you really want to have a life instead of chaos. Without an organized schedule, you won’t be able to separate your free time from work, so chilling out won’t be an option. Learning to play any kind of musical instrument will teach you organization and planning as you won’t be able to succeed without this. Mastering an instrument requires much more effort than finding a teacher and buying the tool you want to play. Nowadays, you only need to visit a website like to see reviews of the best instruments for your skill level, so the task of buying one becomes easy. It’s the same for finding lessons, but the real challenge begins when you start learning. Music studies must adhere to a definite structure and missing one step or mixing some of them will hinder your progress greatly. Therefore, these lessons will force you to learn how to manage your time in the most efficient manner.
  • Expanded limits of patience.
    Unless you are a true musical genius, you will have to become patient to progress in your studies of a musical instrument. No one is good from the start and making mistakes is something that even experienced professionals do regularly. Mastering an instrument is so hard that the first few months will definitely test the limits of your patience. Therefore, you will need to display the force of will and persevere. You’ll be surprised to note how much of a calmer and more patient person you will become.