Coffee, Tea and Karaoke

Coffee, Tea and Karaoke

What could be more relaxing than an easy afternoon with nothing to do, nowhere to be and no obligations to worry about satisfying before the sun goes down? Maybe having a good book to curl up with at such a time would be perfect for some people. But a nice drink can do a lot to enhance a quiet, peaceful evening. Or it could just be something to wet your whistle and get you ready to start singing. Coffee, tea and karaoke could make for a pretty interesting night if you’re hanging out with friends and you’re all keen on singing, but not necessarily singing well.

So, what might be the best coffee or tea for such an evening? You’ll want to stay away from drier drinks, of course. That’s not to say that coffee or tea are really “dry” in the lack of any moisture sense, but more that they can leave the drinker’s mouth feeling dry after they pull the water out of it. Especially dark, strong coffees and colorful teas made with a high volume of leaf might seem like a good idea for a long night being full of caffeine like they are. But these are the worst drinks if you’re trying to sing for hours because they make that an inherently difficult thing to do.

As for the types of music, that depends entirely on the tastes of you and your guests, if you’re going to be having any. If it’s just a solo thing, sing whatever you like and don’t worry about catering to anyone else; make it a night just for you. On the other hand, if you have a handful of people coming and you know their musical tastes, try to pin down songs that everyone will like, make a list of those and then use that list as a sort of program for the evening. You’ll need to do this ahead of time so you can feed songs and lyrics into your favorite karaoke machine.

Nothing could make a better complement to a night which is all about taking it easy and enjoying yourself than the right food. Naturally it should be some kind of comfort food, whatever it is you remember fondly and still enjoy eating as an adult will do the trick. Some people really like peanut butter and jelly while others can’t get enough of canned chicken soup. It might be a good idea to poll your friends about the food choice as well if you’ll be having people over, or invite them to bring dishes of their own for a sort of potluck.

Last but certainly not least of all is the karaoke machine itself. You need something which will do all the things you want it to do, as well as a device which is easy enough to learn to operate that you won’t run into any hitches during your get together. You could take your chances and just buy whatever, figuring it out as you pull it from the box. But it might be better to check out Karaoke Isle and read some product reviews first.