Get All-round Benefits By Playing Golf

Get All-round Benefits By Playing Golf

Golf is one sport that may seem low key at the outset but in fact gives you plenty of benefits. In fact, you’ll be surprised at the kinds of benefits it gives. Golfers who carry their bag and walk can burn up to 721 calories. Those who use a pull cart can burn 718 calories, while a golfer who walks but uses a caddie burns 613 calories. Even those who ride a golf cart get to burn 411 calories averagely.

Medical research on diabetes and other diseases claims that the risk of such diseases can be reduced when you burn about 2,500 calories in a week. Thus, when you play more golf rounds it can influence your healthy lifestyle a great deal. Here are other benefits that playing golf can bring.

Stress relief

When you play golf, the activity helps in releasing potent and natural mood enhancing hormones called endorphins from the brain.  This helps in relaxing you and you’ll feel all the stress and worries fade away gradually.


Based on where you hit the ball, you have to strategize your next shot. This takes much of your concentration. You’ll need to be highly creative to get good scores. And if you need to play a better game, you can use advanced rangefinders like those available at

Boosts brainpower

It has been found that playing golf delays dementia onset as it stimulates the blood circulation to brain and further improves the connections between the nerve cells. Further, when you swing the golf club it challenges you on various levels. You have to strategize, concentrate, coordinate, and add up a long series of numbers.

Longer lifespan

A study, done in Sweden, reveals that individuals who played golf regularly have about 40 percent less mortality rate, when compared to their peers. This amounts to about 5 years increase in your life expectancy.

Sleep well

The regular daytime golf play provides sufficient activity, so you will not be having problems in getting a good night’s sleep. And the sleep is deep and lasts for a longer span too.


Playing golf gives you excellent cardiovascular health, as while playing golf you have to walk about 6 miles and burn around 1500 calories. But this is not as marked, if you use the modern power carts which do nothing to your cardiovascular health.


Even your worst day of playing golf will seem better if you play it with friends. Golf offers a unique opportunity to socialize as you walk miles with your buddies in a serene setting with no other distraction. Just as in football, basketball, cricket, or any other sport, golf has its own set of frequently used and unique lingo. You need to be adept at is just as you practice your swing and grip. This will make you belong.

Good vision

You need to have good eyesight to locate where the ball you hit had landed. Each time you hit the ball, the practice you get while searching for it is certainly good for your eyesight. And this is more so in case you hit the ball into a bush or outside the golf course.