Get Rid Of Stress With Activities You Enjoy

Get Rid Of Stress With Activities You Enjoy

Leading a workaholic life has become a normal occurrence nowadays. Wherever I turn, I can see people hurrying to do some job or other. They work late into the night and wake up early. There is little or no time left whatsoever to see to anything else. This kind of rollercoaster ride has only one end and that is a bitter one.

Not that I’m being pessimistic, or foretelling doomsday, but at the rate people keep taxing their mind and body, disaster is inevitable. But one thing is clear. We need to pause and reconsider our lifestyle and try to change the disastrous pattern. One way to balance work and personal life is to take up some kind of physical activity that you enjoy. Here are some of the benefits you get by participating in some kind of activity.

Stress management

Physical activity is a key recommendation put forward by health care professionals. According to them the sports and regular exercise, helps in calming any worries that disturb you, and make you think clearly. You need not excel in a sport to play it and get the benefits. Even if you are not in shape, you can feel the tension leave you as you participate in the activity.

Feel buoyant

When you involve in physical activity, your body releases mood-enhancing hormones, endorphins in the brain. These hormones generate an exhilarated feeling in you. Termed as runner’s high, this is seen in people who participate in hiking, basketball, and tennis. I feel my mood lift, whenever I ride my longboard. I’d bought it at LB Nation for me on my birthday some time ago. Ever since, I’ve been riding it and have mastered many of the advanced moves. The excitement and thrill you get from doing an activity you enjoy is beyond words and it is good for our health too in a way.


The electrical activity recorded in muscles that are tense show reduced activity immediately after a workout session. There is also a noticeable reduction in jitters and hyperactivity conditions. The blood vessels relax, heart rate and blood pressure reduce, the exact opposite of which occurs when you worry too much. Many of the challenging situations we face in life causes stress buildup and high glucose levels. Diabetics are therefore advised to take up any sport they like to keep free of tension and the resultant glucose spike.


Recreational sports activities helps in relieving stress as they divert your attention from the anxieties and worries you have waiting back at work or home. Kayaking, racquetball, longboarding, hiking, and any other activity you fancy keeps you occupied and make you forget your worries. In a way, these activities are like meditation. People usually feel a sense of achievement and increased self-confidence after they engage in such activities.

The best thing about taking up such activities is that they make you take up healthy behaviors. You will find that you prefer nutritious meals, beverages, and snacks after taking part in the sports activities.  Sleep problems, which crop up with stress and worry ease away with the increased activity levels. You’ll find that in addition to relaxing you, your overall fitness levels too improve markedly.