Great Apps for Chilling Out And Reducing Stress

Great Apps for Chilling Out And Reducing Stress

Stress is the biggest problem for most people. Reasons why we are stressed are different, but the most common are linked to job, money and lack of satisfaction. Trying to have a life without stress isn’t possible, we all know this and we all tried it. I even tried several times to eliminate all causes of stress and I failed. So, what we can do? Well, there are many techniques for stress relief, but thanks to the technology, there is another way.

Smartphones can help us in this case. There are several apps that were developed to help us with stress relief. Due to the fact when you play music, you are more relaxed, most of these apps include audio effects and music. However, some of them go one step further.


This app teaches you how to perform a diaphragmatic breathing. According to a research, this type of breathing reduces stress and can relax you. It is so successful that some people compare it with yoga and meditation. The app guides you through diaphragmatic breathing and gives you the ability to track your stress levels. The best part, it is completely free and available for iOS and Android.

White Noise Lite

When you have a relaxing swim in the nature, you listen to the sounds that make you relaxed. This app gives you the ability to listen relaxing sounds such as frogs, raining shower and etc. Free version has 40 different sounds.  The premium version costs $1.99 and it is ad-free. The White Noise Lite is available for Android and iOS.


Calm is a bit more advanced than the previous app. It offers sounds and relaxing photos, like waves and beaches. You can choose the length of each session (2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes). The free version is available for Android and iOS. However, you can choose the premium version ($4-$10 per year). It allows you to have longer sessions. The app is also available for web browsers. It includes high quality photos. I believe that this app is very effective in reducing stress.

Simply Being

Simply Being is available for Android and iOS as well, but it isn’t free. It will cost you $1.99. It was developed for people who like meditation and yoga. If you are a beginner with meditation, this app may be the best choice for you. You get the ability to listen the relaxing music, have guidance (vocal) that is very good and create your time frames.

Memoires: the Diary

This is the basic app that works like a modern diary. It is simple but very effective, according to therapists. The main goal of the app is to help you keep track of your stress levels and clear your mind. You can record audio files, write and add text to photos you choose. You can share these files via social media. If you are worried that someone can read your diary, you are wrong. The app has a great protection (I tried to crack it and I failed) that can protect your data even from hackers. The best part, this app is free and available for Android and iOS smartphones.