Hunting with a friend

Great Hunting Gadgets

There was a time when a successful hunt meant the difference between going hungry and having food to eat for the day.

While getting food is a bit easier in most places today, many people still enjoy going hunting and feeding themselves by finding a deer, turkey, pheasant or duck and bringing it back home.

It’s great to feel self-sufficient like that, but there are no guarantees when hunting, much like when fishing. To swing the odds a bit further in your own favor, there are a few great hunting gadgets you could bring along and use on your next trip.

Though they probably don’t jump to mind for most people thinking about hunting gadgets, a great pair of boots is something no hunter should be without. The right footwear can keep you on your feet when lesser shoes would have you hurting too much to continue tracking your quarry.

Special features in boots include moisture wicking, thermal insulation, specialized soles for maintaining footing on rough, uneven terrain and other nice perks.

If you’re looking for more information and maybe even some leads for tracking down some dependable hunting boots, the literature is certainly out there for you to read.

A good weapon is important for hunting as well, unless you’re the type to rely on traps like snares to grab up prey for you. Since guns, bows and crossbows are only legal or even available in certain places, let’s focus on hunting with traps instead.

A good knife can help you cut lengths of rope and chop off branches from trees, both of which are used in most snares. Even if you’re just using a knife to finish off a wounded animal or slice it open to dress it in the field though, you still need something that works. Quality hunting gear can be found at Edge Hunting and other websites.

Regardless of what you’re hunting or the methods you’ve decided on for hunting it, the right bait can make a huge difference in whether your hunt is a success or a failure.

The Outdoor Life Interactive app (Or OL Interactive) will give you some in-depth information on different hunted animals, including but not limited to the right kind of baits to use for different types of prey.

The app itself isn’t the gadget in this case – that would be your smart phone or other device actually running the app. The next time you head out, you might want to consider bringing your phone along for this.

There are doubtless other gadgets which can make hunting a more enjoyable experience. Maybe these devices will help you to measure distances between taking a shot, or give you a better idea of where to find a certain kind of animal, or even just give you more general information like legal hunting season dates and different animals which are fair to hunt based on your area.

If anyone reading has a good hunting gadget or two worth mentioning, feel free to tell the rest of us about it.