Home Repair Jobs You Can Do on Your Own

Home repairs tend to be a costly affair forcing even the most reluctant DIYers to take up repairs on their own. While buying a home is naturally a very expensive thing, in fact, the most expensive purchase an individual makes in his or her lifetime, it goes without saying that you need to maintain your home with care. When the slightest problem crops up the first thought you get is to use a professional, but you will be surprised at how many of the repairs around the home can be done by yourself without much expense.

There are several home repairs, which can be performed without any prior experience. But before you plunge into doing a repair on your own, make sure you understand what you are dealing with. This is especially true in case of electrical repairs, which are very dangerous.

And owning a tool kit is another important necessity you should think of, if you are going to consider attending to the repairs on your own. A good quality sander for instance, is a handy tool that takes care of all the finishing work on the wood works in your home.

Here are some tips on doing the common repairs at home so you can see to them on your own effectively.

Broken lever in Toilet

This is quite an easy job. If you find that the toilet doesn’t flush, the first thing to do is open the tank and attach the loosened chain. But if you find that the handle is corroded or pieces such as metal rod, nut or handle are damaged, you need to replace these parts, which can be done inexpensively. You need an adjustable wrench, which is by the way handy in any kind of plumbing job.  You will need a lever replacement kit, if it is broken.

Unclogging toilet drain

This is another frequently faced problem in households. Before you get down and try repairing the clog, you should first use a plunger. Make sure you use the right toilet plunger.  If the water level is low, pour sufficient amount, so the plunger head is submerged fully.

Give up to 8 to 10 thrusts downward. Minor clogs will clear off with this, but if it does not you should think of using an auger. Having the right tools makes most of the repair jobs around the house easy. A cutting saw, belt sander tool from BeltSanderWorld are handy tools to have when you want to indulge in some serious DIY work in your home.

Toilet augers are a bit expensive than plungers. However, they are best for tough clogs. Plunge the augur until it meets with the clog and turn the crank. If you can catch hold of the clog, you can easily pull it out.

Leaky pipe in bathroom or kitchen

This can be due to a loose or damaged compression nut or the washer being worn out. To fix this fault you should first shut off the water valve that cuts off the supply to the pipe you are dealing with. This may take some time, if the valve is not nearby. Once the water stops, unscrew the compression nut and rinse the P trap or curved pipe and replace the washer or P-trap, if needed and replace the screw and turn on the water.