Home Repair tools handy for DIY work

Home Repair tools handy for DIY work

Buying a home may be one of the biggest expense for many, but it is just the initial step in a long span of routine maintenance, remodeling and repair, which take up a chunk of a homeowner’s income. While the cost of remodeling materials is nominal, the major expense goes towards the labor charges.

In fact, a study on home repairs reveals that nine out of 10 cases had labor rates as the expensive factor. But you need not become stressed out on contemplating the remodeling or repair jobs you have lined up for your home. With some basic home repair equipment it is possible to take care of a majority of repairs and remodeling a home needs.  Knowing the right tools to use for various situations will be of great help in the long term. And you should know how to safely handle the tools. Here is a list of repair equipment to help you choose your work tools.


The important rule in DIY repair is you should not compromise on the quality of the tools. Since you are going to handle the repairs, it is safer to use quality tools that will last for longer time. For instance, a superior quality saw will be a handy tool assisting in many repairs in and around the house. Knowing proper maintenance of the tools is also another advantage. Quality tools can be easily identified by the way it is machined. The parts will look shiny and smooth and the entire tool will be properly balanced. You can hold the tool comfortably.

An inferior quality tool will have defects on the surface or have rough metal mostly hidden with paint and the machining would be crude. Cheap and low quality tools can break easily and cause more damage to you and your property.

Although high quality tools are about 25 percent expensive than the cheaper tools you should buy quality ones as opting for the cheap ones will  only make you spend more on the replacements.  Further, the money you save by doing the work yourself will pay for the tools, which you can keep using for a long, long time.


For making holes, drills are needed. You can use an electricity-powered drill for finishing the work fast or do it manually which may need some really hard work.


A good saw, such as one at JasonSawReviews, help in cutting metal, plastic wood and many other things in an efficient way.

Hand tools

These are used for doing the common repair works such as hammering, fastening or prying.

Electrical tools

For electricity to flow properly, you need to make a clean path for the current. The electrical tools help in ensuring proper current supply to your home

Plumbing tools

While the tools you already possess can be used for the common plumbing repairs, some faults may need specialized tools.

Painting tools

Good quality paint and right tools are important to do a thorough painting job.

Fasteners are needed when you need to hold objects together. Abrasives are needed for smoothing, shaving and sanding wood furniture, walls etc.