Learning A Musical Instrument Keeps Stress At Bay

Learning A Musical Instrument Keeps Stress At Bay

Life without music is unimaginable. Music has been with us long before we learnt to speak. While everyone loves to hear good music not all of us are able to create it. This is because most of us don’t get the opportunity to learn or did not have the inclination to do so. But music is one skill that you can learn at any age. I can hear you ask, ‘why put in the effort as I’m not going to perform’. There are several reasons to learn to play a musical instrument. Here are a few.

High Intelligence quotient

When compared to people who are not exposed to learning music, those who had proper music education are smarter and perform well in academics. Abstract reasoning skills are enhanced in children so they perform well in school.

Improved social life

Children who are part of a musical team develop social skills faster. They learn how to relate to other people, how to work as a group and appreciate rewards they get by working together. Further good discipline and leadership skills are also developed.

Makes you feel carefree

Studies done on the advantages learning music gives reveal that regular playing of a musical instrument helps you to relax. It lowers heart rate, blood pressure and the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for stress. Thus you are able to relax. Although listening to music gives these benefits, they are more marked when you learn to play an instrument and play it regularly. This keeps the stress hormones at bay.

Music also helps you to connect with others easily. It helps you unwind all the worries of your life when compared to the other ways that people use to relax such as watching TV, drinking, web browsing etc. And learning instruments like piano is easier nowadays as you have the digital pianos, which help to learn easily and efficiently.

Build confidence

When you are able to play a musical instrument well you become confident of your own skills and this is enhanced more as time passes helping in shaping your future well.


Since learning a musical instrument is not something that can occur overnight you can learn patience. Daily practice and learning to correct the mistakes helps in developing patience. Most of the musicians pass several years of practice, which includes musical exercises performed daily and practicing difficult pieces regularly.

Improves memory

Memory and music are interrelated. When you learn to play a piano, for instance you use both parts of your brain, which helps in boosting your memory power.


When we fall into a daily routine of work, it is easy to lose touch with our creative nature. When you learn to play a musical instrument, especially when you reach the advanced music grades, you can make your creative side alive. Music education stimulates your cognitive, emotional, and mental abilities, so you are able to think out of the box enhancing your creativity more.

And last but not the least, knowing how to play a musical instrument is pure fun. Music is so profound that it needs to be approached with intensity and joy. Music can bring in the fun factor that you miss in your life. It can lift your spirits, keep you at peace with yourself, and make you feel fulfilled and happy.