Not Your Usual Activities for De-Stressing

Bills on due date? Looming work deadlines? Busy week? Sounds like you need to detach yourself from all the stress. For sure you’ve come across different relaxation tips, techniques and activities here at my site. But if you need more suggestions for de-stressing, I’ve got your back.

Here are     your non-conventional activities to reduce your stress.

  1. Laugh therapy

Why stress on life when you can just laugh it out. Laughter therapy can seem like a silly way to beat stress but it’s an effective one. In fact, there’s a science behind it. Laughing not only increases the happy hormones in your brain, it also exercises muscles for increased blood flow and boosts immune system. Best thing is you can do it wherever you are! Make sure to have a book of jokes handy or just search YouTube for hilarious clips.

  1. Dance

DanceAccording to research, dancing can have a profound effect on one’s brain as it increases the happy hormones. It also makes people feel less anxious, not to mention, it helps exercise your muscles.

You don’t have to be a good dancer either; you just have to listen to and feel the music and move your body to its tune.

  1. Shooting

Shooting is not really the kind of activity you’ll think of when you want to de-stress. But it can be an effective relaxation strategy. When playing a shooting game, such as using an airsoft sniper rifle like this one: Best airsoft sniper rifles, you need to know and practice breath control. Key to proper shot execution and hitting the target are breathing control, sight alignment, gun stabilization and trigger squeeze. All of these, particularly breathing control, can relieve your anxieties and help you relax.

  1. Extreme Activities

Bungee jumping, surfing, cliff diving, skydiving, skateboarding, whitewater rafting…and so much more. These adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities can definitely make you forget about all your worries. For the less adventurous, you can also try other activities that are ‘less risky’ but equally can still pump your adrenaline. You can go try paintball or airsoft but you have to get your own airsoft gun, such as this one on review at After a good thirty minute round of firing and running, you can sweat out all your worries!

  1. Cry out

Awhile ago I recommended laughing out our worries, but sometimes crying would be better for de-stressing. There are times when you feel like crying but the timing’s just not right: maybe you’re socializing or at work. To relieve your mental stress, you have to get that emotion out. You can find an alone time, in a place of solitude like your bedroom. Cry out your troubles. If the feeling has passed, you can watch a movie that will force your emotions out. By crying you lower the manganese level in your blood which helpful in de-stressing and elevating mood. It’s alright to cry every now and then!

Finally, you can talk to a friend about your stress or worries. Often, just letting out the kempt emotions is enough to reduce your stress.