Removing Dead Skin Fast and Easy-

Removing Dead Skin Fast and Easy

Did you know that the actual surface skin on your body is, for the most part, all dead? There are several cutaneous layers to go through before you actually get to the living skin beneath. Most of the time, people will clear away this dead skin using some sort of dermabrasion method. Many people use wash cloths or rags with a somewhat rough surface to scrape away dead skin. Others use creams containing sand or other gritty agents. But there’s really only one best way to remove dead skin fast and easy. That’s by using a microdermabrasion machine, which is made specifically for this purpose.

Whether you’re using a rag, a stone or one of these machines to do the job, the best time to perform microdermabrasion and remove dead skin is after soaking for a while in a tub or pool, or perhaps a quick shower. Anything that makes you wet and gives your skin lots of water to absorb will leave the most egregious bits of dead skin looking like pasty white bits of grit. As for why this is the best time, that’s simple – the dead skin is easier to see, which means you’ll have a far lower chance of cutting into live skin and hurting yourself during the cleaning process.

So now that you know the tool which makes the job easy and the conditions which make the job go fast, what about getting a microdermabrasion machine? You could start your search with the Camila’s Beauty website where you can read up on the benefits of such machines, as well as reviews for a number of different brands. They don’t sell the things, but they can help you do your due diligence and make a good buying decision.  It’s not that these machines are necessarily expensive, but why waste money?

There’s just no reason for it. If you’re going to just buy the first thing you see when you go shopping for something, you either have money to burn or you just don’t know how to shop and find a good deal. In any case though, those little dermabrasion machines can take a lot of time out of your normal cleaning ritual, which frees up that much more time for you to spend doing other things you actually enjoy throughout the day. An extra half hour to read a book, play a game or watch a TV show will be even sweeter because you saved it. But you have to start your search for the right machine first.

This should by no means be taken as a suggestion that you don’t do your best to keep yourself clean though. Some people have especially thick layers of skin or calluses, and for them one of these devices might not do the trick. A good, rough bit of soapstone, or pumice, can do manually what many microdermabrasion machines cannot do automatically. Such stones are pretty much impossible to clean though, and they start to smell and harbor bacteria after just a single use.