Rocky 10 and Stress

Unless you’re a hippy living on a farm, producing and eating your own food, trading some of your harvest for other services, never watching TV or listening to the news, then you are suffering from stress. It might be light, it might be severe. Have you ever read about these top executives that are being paid humungous salaries which are more monthly than you make total in 2 years? I bet you say, “I wish I could have a job that paid so well.” Believe me, unless you’re that type of person emotionally and mentally, you DO NOT want that job.

Why does a person make such a massive income? Because they are on call 24/7, their life is not their own, they have the future and profits of a big company in their hands, the shareholders exerting pressure and their staff trying to take their job. That’s why they get paid the big bucks. Mind you, I am still a little puzzled about why an executive who leads a company to big financial losses based on poor performance and then still manages to get paid, not only the exorbitant salary but a bonus as well! Go figure.

We lesser mortals have enough stress just commuting to work each day, looking after the family finances, raising our kids and giving them an education and keeping our partners and families and colleagues and neighbours all happy! Whew! We have the constant pounding of media in our heads from newspapers, TV and radios, then not satisfied with that we have our smartphones and iPads doing the same thing. No wonder we need a holiday every year and no wonder we need to exercise more.

Physical activity is one of the cheapest and more enjoyable ways to de-stress on a daily basis. And you don’t need a king’s ransom to buy a few pieces of equipment to install at home so that your exercise routine doesn’t mean pounding the streets in the middle of the night while you jog the stress out of your body. A set of weights, a treadmill, a jump rope and even a mini trampoline are all cheap and require no installation. For me, a hard day at the office sometimes means I ould love to punch the hell out of a bag. So I checked out a website that showed me the best punching bag to buy. They had one which was in the image of a person. Oh yeah!

When you have a bag to hit the first few biffs are from frustration but no reaction from the bag usually calms you down. Yes, just kidding. On a wild night of exercise, I can plug in the Rocky Balboa DVD, play the Rocky Theme song at full blast through my earphones and belt the hell out of the bag until I am a sweaty mess on the floor. Panting from the exertion, aching upper arms and wrists, I am as happy as a bird. Well, the fact is, I am usually too exhausted to feel any stress.

Rocky 10 and Stress