Simple and Easy Barbecue

Sometimes frying up a burger or steak on a stove and in a pan just isn’t going to do it. People love barbecue, so it’s no secret that many of them also like the tasty, smoky flavors which come with barbecue – flavors which are pretty much impossible to get any other way.

However, there is a hard way to barbecue and there is an easy way to barbecue. You’re going to need the same sauces, seasonings and meats and vegetables for both of these methods, but the way you cook the food is going to be different. If you’ve never heard of this before, keep reading.

It’s safe to say the majority of people who have barbecued in the past have done it with a standard sort of grill, using either propane gas or charcoal briquettes to create the heat which cooks the meats, vegetables and fruits.

The use of coal requires a lot of work before the actual lighting, so propane gas is infinitely faster. However, gas grills just can’t produce the same flavor as grills that use coal; that smoky charred taste just isn’t there. Both of these cooking methods are high maintenance though, since they require the cook to be on hand the entire time.

Most people have barbecued in just such a way. But what about using smokers instead of grills to barbecue foods?

This takes a lot of the tension and demands out of barbecuing, but it does add a significant amount of time to the cooking, with smoking generally taking several times longer to prepare the same piece of meat than it would take to grill the same food in a more traditional fashion. Even great electric smokers that cook foods uniformly and evenly still need a lot more time to make food safe for people to eat.

The lengthy smoking times can be overcome with ease if you’re willing to start your cooking the day before the barbecue. Plus, with electric, gas, pellet and even charcoal varieties, there are smokers for every taste, and you can even get that same charcoal grilled flavor from a smoker.

If you would check out you would see all kinds of different smokers, running from a number of different fuel sources. Finding the right one for your own needs will probably take some time and shopping though, so don’t start looking unless you’re ready to put in the time.

As  for sauces, the way you apply sauce when smoking is the same as when grilling over a flame. You need to wait until the meat is just about finished cooking so the sauce doesn’t burn and leave the food with a crunchy black coating.

Applying sauce too early tends to make this happen, and it can seriously destroy the flavor and texture of meats which otherwise would have been very palatable. If you do go with a smoker, be sure you don’t use sauces with added smoke flavoring; you’ll already have plenty of that and from a natural source as well.