Some thoughts on creating a health garden to chill in

Some thoughts on creating a health garden to chill inTwo earlier posts reminded us of this. One of the posts spoke about tips and tricks on carrying out low-maintenance jobs easily on your own at home without having to rely on expensive professionals. The other post spoke gleefully about the most important meal of the day and listed a number of sumptuous ideas to chew on.

The idea we have in mind today is to reflect on creating a health garden, not just any old garden, a health garden to chill in. To the uninitiated, we’d like to tell them that this will be no ordinary garden. In fact, if you get as far as we’re going with this idea, this beautiful peace garden will have your personality painted all over it.

This peace garden has your name all over it

And never mind that you are only living in an apartment complex, modern and expensive, derelict, unkempt or bohemian. There is always space for building the tiniest of gardens just so long as you have the heartfelt desire and the right tools to do this. All you would need really are a couple of sawdust boxes, planks of coarse wood, glue, the traditional old saw and any one of the nailing guns that Framing Nailer Pro are discussing.

Of course, if you have a good space in your back yard, so much the better. Now, this health garden, as suggested earlier, should resonate directly with you. For instance, it would make no sense planting floral beds that have little or no appeal to you. Also, many of you don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to dedicate many devotional hours to tending and caring for your garden. More power to you if you are able to plant hardy specimens that can pretty much take care of themselves and are also environmentally sustainable to boot.

Low-maintenance veggies and herbs to chill you

We can explain this to you briefly. Basically, these strong-willed plants won’t need much water to flourish at any time of the year, nor do they need to absorb too many nutrients from the soil. Speaking of environmental sustainability, did you know that organic vegetable gardens are well and truly the in thing these days? And like we mentioned earlier, you don’t need acres of space to get started with low-maintenance veggies and herbs.

Here, you could utilize the sunny space on your kitchen window sill by planting beans in small pots. And pardon our playful turn of phrase here; you’ll be creating a really chilling ambience by planting your own chili tree which incidentally as a natural aphrodisiac, loaded with vitamin C, will help you to chill in more ways than one. Balcony space can be used to plant potatoes, tomatoes and other greens.

Have we said too much already? The space here is just not large enough to fill you in with more thoughts on how to create your own health garden to chill in. But by now, we’ve inspired you to at least give it some thought yourself.