Things You Should Never Ever Forget on Your Next Travel

Travelling is a great way to escape and forget about all your worries. It’s also the easiest to do. You can choose to drive to a nearby tourist attraction or embark on a long travel abroad. Either way, leaving your worries for a while and looking at a different environment should give you the much needed respite from life.

Whenever you are travelling, always remember that a lot of things can happen. Even if you are extra careful about your health and security, never rule out the fact that misfortunes and unwanted events can happen. As such, you have to be prepared for these scenarios. And what better way to do that than packing your travel first aid kit and taking it with you whenever you’re up and about.

What tools and equipment should be in your first aid kit? Here’s a quick checklist:

  1. First-Aid Manual

Having a first aid manual is essential for you to know how to deal with common emergencies. It should also contain instructions on how to use the tools inside your kit.

  1. Sterile Gauze

This is applied directly onto a wound and provides protection from infection. It can also be used to apply compression to cuts and wounds.

  1. Adhesive Tape

This thin strip of material is commonly used to attach something such as gauze onto the skin.

  1. Adhesive Bandages

This cloth is placed against the wound to hold the dressing. Its edges have adhesive material allowing it to attach securely into the skin.

  1. Splint

Made of a firm material, a splint is used to restrain or immobilize fractured bone.

  1. Antiseptic Wipes

It is ideal for cleaning wounds especially when alcohol is ill-advised.

  1. Soap

Soap is a great way to cleanse wounds as well as for handwashing.

  1. Antibiotic Ointment/Antiseptic Solution

There are topical antibiotic preparations that can be applied on fresh wounds to prevent possible infection.

  1. Sharp Scissors

This is used for cutting materials such as adhesives, gauze, bandages, tubing, etc.

  1. Safety Pins

In case you need to use cloth bandage, safety pins would be very helpful for securing the cloth in place.

  1. Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol, either spray or liquid formulation, is used as a disinfectant. It can also be used for hand sanitation.

  1. Thermometer

Fever is a very common health concern and can also happen while you’re travelling. Make sure you have a thermometer to detect high body temperature quickly and take antipyretic as needed.

If you want a more advanced health kit, you can pack more health monitors such as a blood sugar monitoring kit, a blood pressure monitoring set, either the digital or the manual which consists of stethoscope and sphygmomanometer that you can read about here at These added medical equipment and tools are not necessary but also good to have.

Traveling is an astonishing experience every person needs. But before you think of arranging a new travel itinerary, make sure you have all these must-bring first aid tools and supplies ready!