Tips To Chase Away Monday Blues

Tips To Chase Away Monday Blues

My sister complains that she doesn’t have any time for herself with all the chores she has to do at home and the work that waits for her at office. Women spend about 16 hours a week doing household chores. When you add this up with the office hours they put in, they are left with very little time for themselves and their family. If you look at the successful people, you’ll find that they spend time daily or at least in the weekends with their loved ones and indulge in a hobby they like such as reading or some sports activity. It is everyone’s prerogative to plan their workday, so they leave some time to relax and enjoy their life. Here are some tips that help you deal with your time in a better way.

Delegating tasks

One of the simplest ways to reduce the burden of chores is to delegate the work to others. This is how organizations get their job done on time. Think of your home as an office and assign chores even to the smallest member in the household. Make sure you assign age appropriate tasks for the little ones such as folding grocery bags, sorting socks, setting the table, putting their toys away etc. This will free you up considerably and let you complete each day’s work on that day itself instead of saving everything for the weekend.

Choose tools wisely

Make sure you choose your home appliances wisely, so all the work is done smoothly and fast. Good quality appliances last longer and don’t worry you with constant maintenance services. For mending clothes or making new ones getting a latest model machine such as the serger available at is a wise choice.

Automated work

Since payments have been made simpler with mobile and internet banking, set up your payments and other shopping through the internet. With online shopping, you can make recurring orders for office supplies, groceries, dog food and other such items easily and most of these are home delivered for free so you’ll not be paying anything extra.

Ideal shopping time

Whenever you think of shopping, do it in off peak hours. Wednesday nights are the quietest and the best time to shop without crowds. And don’t go for shopping without a list made on the things you need. You needn’t spend time separately for writing the list. Just write it while you are waiting in your physician’s office or when an operator puts you on hold.  Schedule trips in such a way that you are not caught up in the morning or evening rush.


Multitasking is the best way to finish pending chores before time. Most of the tasks you have in mind take only a few minutes to complete. For instance, you can empty your dishwasher, when you wait for the pasta to boil or fold the laundry, as you watch your favorite show.

Sunday is one day of the week when you are absolutely free. Make the most of it. Plan some fun activity or a low-key one to do on Sunday evening, such as a movie night or family barbecue, so you are not much stressed out about Monday morning.