Weekday coffee, then something extreme over weekends

It’s not called blue Mondays for nothing, but the night before their weekend finally comes to an end, most folks already start to dread this day. It’s inexplicable how so many people have still not been able to prepare themselves well for the first and most important day of their working week. Thankfully, while the habits have not yet been perfected, the morning ritual of coffee and a newspaper at a favorite nearby coffee shop (instead of standing in long queues at a Starbucks take-out) is a great way to kick-start the day.

Get out of the house on weekends

Weekday coffee, then something extreme over weekends

And so it goes for the rest of the week. But by the time the ecstatic feelings of leaving the office on Friday nights have dissipated, questions of ‘what now’ enter many people’s minds. Fair to say, many folks, particularly those with children, now have domestic responsibilities to catch up with. Before you know it, more stress and anxiety puts a damper on what should have been an exhilarating weekend. There’s a reason why weeks have been scheduled this way for centuries in most parts of the world.

It’s not entirely inappropriate to recall the Biblical allusion, but whether you are religious or not, makes no difference. Sundays are set aside as a day of rest. This does not mean that you should transform yourself into a couch potato and pad your TV remote like a zombie for the rest of the day. Get out of the house. Take the kids with, if you have them. But ‘what to do’ becomes another question for nervous people with just hours to go before the weekend comes to a close.

Do something extreme over the weekend

Simply put, there are just too many things to mention in one post. Most of the activities well worth discussing either stimulate the mind or give the body a new lease of life or both. Ultimately, they are mentally and physically good for you. Before we leave you with just a small cap of suggestions, we’d like to remind you to follow up on one of our earlier posts on how to de-stress. Now, instead of surrounding yourself with all your favorite weekend papers only to stress about the bad news and poor performing share options, retreat to your favorite chair or head out to your nearest park and bundle a heavy tome under your arm.

Your body needs something to do as well. Consider these extreme adventures for a change instead of giving up for the day. Get yourself a long-board or mountain bike and head for the hills. Setting aside these extreme toys, you can also just start climbing with a good pair of hiking boots. Let Long Board Mafia tell you more on how you can saddle up for unforgettable (in more ways than one) weekends.

Good planning and proper motivational techniques can also be acquired to help you prepare yourself well for the next harrowing week at work. Let it begin well with a good cup and some good news.